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James White on Modern Seminaries

In the above video, Dr. James White gives a rather off-the-cuff commentary on Christian higher education, particularly the nature of today’s seminary environment.  I must say that I appreciate every one of his comments here and that his words should … Continue reading

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Reading List – English Puritan Theology

This spring/summer, I’m taking my first online course from RTS.  Actually, it’s my first online course ever.  I signed up for J.I. Packer’s course, English Puritan Theology, and my books are on their way.  Here’s the list of books I’ll … Continue reading

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The Nicole Institute at RTS Orlando

Pastor Steve brought to my attention a rather pleasant surprise.  Apparently the Orlando campus of Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) has established The Nicole Institute of Baptist Studies.  As many of you know, RTS is confessionally Presbyterian.  Westminster Seminary California did … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again!

Yes, it’s that time again…time to consider what seminary classes I’m going to take. I’m finally getting back on track. This year I’ve decided to take online courses for the first time. I’m thankful that the RTS Virtual program is … Continue reading

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What Genesis 1 Teaches About Creation

Dr. Joseph Pipa gives a lecture about Genesis 1 and the doctrine of creation, teaching at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Good stuff.

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Greek Resources

This month I’m taking up my Greek studies again.  I’m going back over all of the material I learned in my first Greek class, the hope being that I’m adequately prepared for Greek II.  We were using Baugh’s textbook and … Continue reading

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Book List for Intro Class

Right now I’m sitting in my other class (we’re on break at the moment) which is called Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies.  Since I previously blogged about the book list for my church history class, I thought I’d list … Continue reading

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