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New Year, New Opportunities

If there’s one thing I keep hearing, then it’s the lament among many people that 2016 was a horrible year.  My social media feed was filled with numerous (and at times, humorous) examples of this theme, with most commentators wanting … Continue reading

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Enjoying Creation Every Day

Recently we had our first frost of the year and it was quite the chilly morning.  That didn’t keep us from venturing out for our morning walk, however.  Not too long ago, Hollie and I decided it was a good … Continue reading

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Refocus and Fortify

Yesterday not only marked the beginning of a new month, but it was the beginning of a new and more intense focus for me.  Both as a husband and as a father, I decided it was time for me to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Pastors Knowing the Greek New Testament

Today I stumbled across this quote from Baptist scholar A.T. Robertson on the importance of pastors knowing the Greek New Testament: “It ought to be taken for granted that the preacher has his Greek Testament. This statement will be challenged … Continue reading

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Election Day Idea

I’ve toyed with this idea before and wrote about it briefly on social media, but never really got much feedback about it.  My idea has to do with evangelism on Election Day.  In terms of this election, I’m one of … Continue reading

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No Home Internet?

Does it sound like a drastic step that we’ve gotten rid of our home internet service in order to better redeem the time?  Perhaps to some people it does.  Earlier this month I called Comcast and finally killed the beast.  … Continue reading

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