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The Importance of Pastors Knowing the Greek New Testament

Today I stumbled across this quote from Baptist scholar A.T. Robertson on the importance of pastors knowing the Greek New Testament: “It ought to be taken for granted that the preacher has his Greek Testament. This statement will be challenged … Continue reading

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Election Day Idea

I’ve toyed with this idea before and wrote about it briefly on social media, but never really got much feedback about it.  My idea has to do with evangelism on Election Day.  In terms of this election, I’m one of … Continue reading

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Grace for Southeastern Ohio

Driving the stretch of Route 50 and crossing the Ohio River at the Blennerhassett Island Bridge thus begins our familiar journey into the region of Southeastern Ohio.  This part of the Buckeye State represents the outer part of Appalachia with … Continue reading

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Reformed or Confessional?

Last week I broached a question on Twitter about whether Reformed Baptists should instead be referred to as Confessional Baptists.  I’ve heard both used of late and I’m wondering if one is better than the other.  In other words, what’s … Continue reading

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Updates – 2/8/14

There are a few updates I wanted to make on here concerning Reformed Baptist activities here in Virginia.  I think 2014 is going to be a very active year and I’m looking forward to what God has in store for … Continue reading

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Reformed Church Plant in Richmond?

I’m posting this on behalf of our brother, Pastor Leon Brown, who is attempting to establish a Reformed church plant in southside Richmond.  Please pass this on to anyone you know who lives in that area.  Most importantly, keep them … Continue reading

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Babies Are Murdered Here

This evening we watched the newly released documentary film, “Babies Are Murdered Here.”  It was powerful.  It was convicting.  It’s absolutely what the American church needs to see and hear.  Those Christians who are vocal about being pro-life will be … Continue reading

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