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What is “Hipsteranity”?

I’ve seen the term “Hipsteranity” floating around, here and there, in various places across the internet.  To the best of my knowledge, no one has actually defined this term at any length or in any substantive way.  If that’s truly … Continue reading

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Is Antinomianism Good Advice?

This past week, I’ve come across various articles by Christians in response to America’s present cultural meltdown in which the authors are trying to bring some kind of balance to the discussion. Actually, many of them aren’t responding to the … Continue reading

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The Gospel: Our Foundation of Christian Unity

A genuine unity among Christians is indeed something for which all believers must strive.  Indeed, the Scriptures exhort us to avoid fruitless disputes and unnecessary division (Titus 3:9).  We are to live peaceably with one another as best we can, … Continue reading

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The Core of Mormonism

Since Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy has brought the issue of Mormonism back into the public spotlight, James White has posted this video clip which was recorded last year in Australia.  Please pass this along.

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Rapping Against “Prosperity” Heretics

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Update on the Episcopal Church

This week I came across an interview on the “Issues, Etc” radio show (a Lutheran program) with the presiding “bishop” of the Episcopal Church USA, Katharine Jefferts-Schori.  The host was very respectful while at the same time asking her very … Continue reading

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Rob Bell and Universalism

Apparently Rob Bell is in the process of coming out of the closet regarding his endorsement of universalism.  It seems that reading the description of his latest book would indicate this.  The book isn’t out yet and I’m sure there … Continue reading

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