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Ten Questions for Advocates of “Racial Reconciliation”

Christian apologist James White is certainly no stranger to debates and he presently finds himself engaged in an ongoing debate (I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dialogue) on the extremely divisive topic of race.  I won’t rehash the story here, … Continue reading

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The Mentality of KJV-Only Advocates

Sometimes we need to be reminded about just how wrong KJV-only advocates really are.  They can be…well…frustrating at times.  I’m still amazed at the thought process which produces that viewpoint.

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Re: Tithing

Thanks to all of you who gave your thoughts regarding the question of whether to tithe before or after taxes.  First, it must be said at the outset that tithing itself is not optional.  As Christians, we are called to … Continue reading

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The Papacy: On What Foundation?

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Tithing: Before or After Taxes?

First, let me apologize for neglecting this blog yet again.  The semester is going in full swing, not to mention I’m busy with a house search.  Please keep me in prayer on both fronts.  I’ll try to update here as … Continue reading

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Debate on the Apocrypha

This is a debate on the canonicity of the Apocrypha between Roman Catholic apologist William Albrecht and Reformed apologist TurretinFan.  I’ve studied this issue quite recently in my church history class, so much of this is still fresh in my mind.  … Continue reading

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