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Review: Gideons Brown Leather Personal Bible (KJV)

As a member of the Gideons International, there are numerous types of Scriptures which I can order. The vast majority of these Scriptures are intended for evangelism purposes. There are a handful of Bibles, however, which are for personal use. … Continue reading

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Prayer Journals

After some encouragement from my wife, I finally decided to start a prayer journal. It’s nothing fancy, as you can see in the picture above. I have a small, almost pocket-sized journal which works for me. Scripture does not give … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Apostate”

We live in interesting times to say the least.  Many within the church struggle to make sense of what we now call the “post-Christian era” in which civilization itself appears to be falling apart.  Many Christians are wondering just how … Continue reading

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The Gideons International

Last week I got an email from the headquarters of the Gideons International informing me that my membership application was approved and that I’m now an official member!  The membership packet came in the mail today and I’m very excited … Continue reading

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2013 Theological Book List

I’ve compiled a list of theological books I’d like to read in my spare time for 2013. The goal is to read one book each month. I’ve carefully selected each book based upon a number of factors, namely the topics … Continue reading

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The Creedal Imperative

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Richard Baxter on Library Essentials

If you had to pick but a few essential items to have in your theological library–yes, a few bare bones essentials–then what would they be?  The Puritan Richard Baxter once asked such a question: “What books, especially of theology, should … Continue reading

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