This blog is named “kairos,” one of the Greek words for “time” which is used in Ephesians 5:15-16.  It refers specifically to a particular moment or opportunity.  The goal of my writing is to equip men within the body of Christ to seize the opportunity to fortify their families, labor in their local churches, and rebuild what’s left of Christendom.

Having said all of this, I write as one who is still learning alongside everyone else.  As a Millennial living in post-Christian America, I have the responsibility of leading myself and my family out of the morass of a toxic culture which is set in absolute rebellion against the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  You could say I’m writing to myself as much as anyone.

The opinions I express here are my own and do not reflect in any way upon my employer or any other organization with which I am affiliated.  In full disclosure, I’m a Reformed Presbyterian and uphold the Westminster Standards.  Moderated comments are allowed on this blog and I reserve the right to delete/censor them as I wish.