Another School Year

Stack of Books

This was the start of the new school year for many children around the country, homeschoolers being no exception.  With all of the preparations in place, children in the Dermer household began the next leg of the journey in learning.  Watching all of the preparations and seeing what they’ll learn, I’m probably more excited than they are.  My favorite part is being the main consultant for any related to history or civics.  It looks to be a good year and things have gotten off to a pretty good start.

As always, I pray over my children individually before they begin another year of schooling.  Specifically, I pray that the Lord would bless them not just in terms of academics, but also in terms of their spiritual growth.  May they always be reminded that wisdom begins with the fear of God.  May they look to His word as the foundation for all truth.  May they hide His word in their hearts, that they would remember it all the days of their lives.  All of these things are my hope and prayer.

Not too long ago, I got a copy of Andrew Case’s book, Setting Their Hope in God.  If you’re familiar with the Valley of Vision, then you’ll appreciate this book and how it’s laid out.  Basically, it’s a book of prayers for parents to pray over their children.  This is a resource of great benefit to Christian parents, especially if you struggle with what to pray and how to pray it.  One of the practices I see lacking in the American church today is a steadfast devotion to prayer.  This book is an aid to alleviate that problem.

Remember, too, to pray for those hardworking homeschool mothers who devote themselves past the breaking point.  Pray for us homeschooling fathers to be invested and engaged.  There’s a lot of work involved in raising Godly seed, but the Lord will bless those faithful efforts.  Especially on the hard days, let us remember to think generationally and what God has called us to do.

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2 Responses to Another School Year

  1. Thank you for sharing this. We will certainly pray for you all, brother!

  2. Jeff says:

    Josh, Home school is a great way to go, and you are right the Church in American today is lacking in it’s devotion to prayer, some today have never heard even this words:
    The Family the Prays together stays together.

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