Election Day Idea


I’ve toyed with this idea before and wrote about it briefly on social media, but never really got much feedback about it.  My idea has to do with evangelism on Election Day.  In terms of this election, I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a dog in this hunt (as the old saying goes).  As a Christian, I can’t in good conscience vote for either Clinton or Trump.  So as far as I’m concerned, this election cycle is over.  The time I would have spent campaigning for a candidate will now be spent doing other things.  One of the best ways to redeem the time is to engage in some form of evangelism.

I hear many Christians rightly saying that our nation desperately needs revival more than mere political change.  They’re correct.  So rather than working the polls on Election Day for a particular candidate, why not work the polls doing evangelism?  If you’re allowed to stand outside and hand out sample ballots and other propaganda promoting a candidate, then it stands to reason you should be allowed to stand in the same space and hand out Gospel tracts.  You may want to double-check with your local laws on this, but I would assume it’s legit.  And what better cause is there than promoting the Kingdom of God?

Think about it.  You have a guaranteed stream of people from your precinct entering the polling place.  Depending upon voter turnout and the time of day, many of these folks will be waiting in line.  That’s a wonderful opportunity to hand them a solid Gospel tract to read while they’re waiting.  Other ideas include handing out pocket-sized New Testaments or similar-sized booklets of the Gospel of John.  There are probably other ideas out there which you could come up with for such a time as this.  I would humbly suggest at least two brethren ministering at one polling place.  Be prepared for tough questions and make sure you have enough materials on hand.

For the sake of God’s kingdom, I’d love to see this idea go viral.  I’d love to see pastors/elders get behind this.  In fact, you should have the blessing and oversight of the elders of your local church before jumping into this.  What an impact it would make if we could have hundreds of congregations doing this very thing on Election Day.  Again, this is just a simple idea I thought of one day.  It’s probably not even original.  But I think it’s a great idea, one I’d like to see the church take hold of and run with all the way to November.

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4 Responses to Election Day Idea

  1. GREAT idea brother!! Woot!! Woot!! Woot!!

  2. Adam Anderson says:

    Planning to vote for Darrell Castle?

  3. Mark Buzard says:

    Great idea….. I am in the same boat as you are

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