Evangelicals for Hillary?

In my last post, I made the biblical case against Christians voting for Donald Trump regardless of the fact that he’s the presumptive nominee.  Put another way, there simply is no biblical case for supporting Trump.  I think that was self-evident for those committed to what the Word of God says, but it needed to be said.  It’s important for those within the body of Christ to go on record opposing candidates like Trump, especially when certain “Christian leaders” go out of their way to endorse him.

You’d think I wouldn’t have to say anything about Hillary Clinton.  The platform of the Democratic Party is thoroughly Antichrist in its orientation, reflecting the increasing secularization of our culture.  Clinton fits the mold perfectly.  She is extremely pro-abortion, being the first presidential candidate to earn Planned Parenthood’s endorsement during the primary process.  Clinton is lock-step behind the “LGBT” agenda, promising to enact their various policy goals.  Religious liberty will no doubt be in the crosshairs of a Clinton administration and it goes without saying that Federal authorities will become increasingly hostile toward biblical Christianity.

The insurgent candidacy of Bernie Sanders has moved Clinton (and the Democratic Party as a whole) much farther to the Left.  Her economic policy is socialistic and she will absolutely trample the Constitution in order to advance any policy.  Clinton will further consolidate and centralize power, not only in the Federal Government generally, but within the executive branch in particular.  In terms of personal character, she has a widespread reputation for corruption and the type of cut-throat politics many Americans have come to loathe.

Given all of this, you’d think this would be a no-brainer for learned Christians astute in matters of politics as well as biblical ethics.  But sadly, you’d be wrong.  Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile has made waves by arguing that we need to support evil in order to oppose evil.  He wrote a post for The Gospel Coalition in which he proposes that Christians should vote for Clinton in November because we must keep Trump out of office at all costs.  He was joined in this opinion by fellow pastor Nick Rodriguez who authored a guest post on the site.

In the spirit of Ephesians 5:11, I have to openly respond that what these pastors are arguing for is both wrongheaded and foolish.  It’s moral insanity applied to politics.  In fact, what they’re doing in using public platforms to support Clinton is morally equivalent to those pastors who came out publicly to support Donald Trump.  Both groups need to be thoroughly rebuked.

These men, if they support Trump or Clinton, are acting out of fear which is contrary to what Scripture commands (2 Tim. 1:7).  One side fears the election of Trump while the other fears the election of Clinton.  The prospect of either of them winning is terrible to be sure, but we are to be sober-minded in all that we say and do.  In fact, one of the qualifications for elders in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:8 is that he behave in a sober manner.  To be perfectly blunt, I think all sober-mindedness has flown out the window the moment a professing Christian decides that it’s acceptable to participate in one form of evil versus another.  That’s exactly what’s happening here.

Worst of all, how many of the brethren in these congregations are being led astray by these pastors/elders?  Rodriguez’s post actually calls for conservative Christian leaders to tell their flocks to back Clinton.  And I have no doubt that Jerry Falwell, Jr. would prefer they openly back Trump instead.  Meanwhile, the consciences of the faithful are miserably vexed and stumbling blocks placed before them by their own pastors.  I tremble for these men, for God makes it clear in James 3:1 that teachers in the church will be held to a higher standard.  A greater judgment awaits them.

It’s worth noting that Anyabwile and Rodriguez are both ethnic minorities whereas Trump supporters like Falwell and Robert Jeffress are white.  Here again, we see worldliness making inroads into the church in order to divide her.  Any astute political observer will admit that minorities go for Democrats overwhelmingly.  The vast majority of white Evangelicals typically back the GOP without question (though it remains to be seen how many will actually back Trump).  This election in particular is making this ethnic-partisan divide evident now more than ever, revealing the cancerous divisions that were always present under the surface.

For those Christians considering Hillary Clinton, I have the same question for them as I do for the Trump supporters: where is the biblical case for making such an endorsement?  I don’t see one at all.  I’ll even go a step further and make the shockingly politically incorrect statement of saying that Scripture speaks against the very notion of having a woman as a civil magistrate (e.g., Isaiah 3:12).  It’s a curse upon a nation or locality.  This was the case made by John Knox and still courageously made by some today.  And if this is so, then those backing Clinton are simply helping to heap up more judgment upon America–her wicked platform notwithstanding.

I dare say that those pastors/elders who openly advocate support for either Trump or Clinton have demonstrated that they are unqualified for that office.  They are not sober in their thinking and demonstrate a lack of discernment on a very fundamental level.  This too is part of the judgment upon our land: a severe drought of faithful and bold leaders in the church who are willing to stand against evil in whatever form.  Godly leaders are not frozen in a mindset in which only binary choices exist.  They aren’t gripped with fear or bullied into choosing between evil versus evil.  These are men with discernment who know that they have to reject both.  To quote an old ’80s movie, sometimes the winning move is not to play.

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One Response to Evangelicals for Hillary?

  1. Bonsai says:

    Thank you for laying this out. It is exactly what I’m thinking. I may not be able to vote.

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