Meaningless Boycotts


I don’t like it when I have to criticize fellow Christians, but there are indeed times when constructive criticism is necessary.  Iron sharpens iron, right?  The recent movement to boycott corporations like Target is an area of concern.  I say that not because I think it’s wrong for believers to abstain from giving money to corporations which act wickedly, but because there’s a glaring inconsistency at work here.  The American Family Association (AFA) is perhaps the biggest organizer of such boycotts and they’re pushing hard for the Target boycott, claiming that 1.3 million have signed their petition to do so.

In case you missed it, Target is being boycotted because they have fallen into line with the moral revolution by allowing people to use whatever restrooms they wish.  This is to appease transgendered individuals.  One of the chief concerns is the notion of an adult male using the ladies room next to one of your daughters.  Basically, people who still possess the common grace of having common sense are upset about this.  Honestly, I don’t think any of these boycotts are very effective for the simple reason that corporate America will always side with the moral revolution no matter what.

But here’s the question faithful Christians need to ponder: why are we willing to call for boycotts of corporations like Target, but we’re unwilling to call for a boycott of the public school system?

If people aren’t willing to take their children to Target because of this restroom policy, then why are they comfortable with their children attending the government schools for hours upon hours every day?  This doesn’t make one lick of sense to me.  The Obama administration’s edict to public school systems everywhere is that they need to conform to the moral revolution lest they lose Federal funding.  He who pays the piper calls the tune.  There is virtually no government school system in America which will escape this.  And yet why aren’t the leaders of organizations like AFA calling for Christian parents to pull their kids out of the government schools?

To be perfectly blunt, I think that AFA would lose donors and support overnight if they made such a call.  Boycotting Target doesn’t require a high price to pay.  Taking your children out of the government schools and then homeschooling them or sending them to Christian schools…that actually requires a sacrifice.  Never mind that the Christian life is one of sacrifice.  Never mind that education is entirely outside the sphere of Caesar.  And hey, we don’t want to sound judgmental to those parents who send their kids to the government schools.  No, it’s far easier and convenient to vent our frustrations by shopping elsewhere than it is to actually change our lifestyles to be consistent with what we believe.

What are we willing to do as Christian parents?  When are we going to be consistent with what we believe (or what we say we believe)?  I might sound a bit cynical in this post, but I don’t see how we are redeeming the time by engaging in things like the Target boycott.  We’re not going to turn the world upside down by attacking this one corporation and then sending our children to the same institutions the pagans do.  Our priorities are really messed up and we need to get back on track.  Try this: imagine instead 1.3 million Christian parents pledging to take back the education of their children by taking them out of government schools.  That would yield eternal dividends worth far more than anything we’d get out of boycotting Target.

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