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Of Animals and Idolatry

The latest animal-related brouhaha in our increasingly decaying culture is the death of a gorilla named Harambe.  Or perhaps I should have bucked the trend and started off by talking about how officials at the Cincinnati Zoo did the right … Continue reading

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Radio Free Blasphemy

Over a number of years, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the realm of Christian media.  In particular, I’m talking about popular content in online venues.  While I think it’s great that Christians have taken to websites and social media platforms … Continue reading

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Acts 17:26 on a T-Shirt

I’m typically not a fan of mass marketed Christian products.  Most of them are incredibly tacky and cheesy.  I think that goes without saying.  So I tend to shun the “Jesus Junk” that’s out there just because I have no … Continue reading

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No Home Internet?

Does it sound like a drastic step that we’ve gotten rid of our home internet service in order to better redeem the time?  Perhaps to some people it does.  Earlier this month I called Comcast and finally killed the beast.  … Continue reading

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Does God Care About Our Guts?

Last week we got home from our trip to Ohio.  We had a wonderful time visiting Emma and Hollie’s parents.  We celebrated Zoe’s birthday, visited the Columbus Zoo, and just had a great time outdoors.  It was neat to watch … Continue reading

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Illnesses, Spring Cleaning, and the Usual Chaos

I inadvertently took a break from blogging for any number of reasons.  Over the past several weeks our family has been hit hard at various times with illnesses that took their course through each individual.  I’m happy to say that … Continue reading

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