Update on Titus

For about the past year, we’ve noticed that our son has had developmental delays.  Physically, Titus was growing just fine.  He’s pretty much where he’s supposed to be in terms of weight, height, and all the rest.  However, his speech was severely delayed (among other issues).  Last year he turned three and he was pretty much at the level his younger sister was.  Titus could repeat words, but didn’t really take the initiative to speak.  Not being able to speak has had other consequences as well.  It’s difficult, for example, to potty-train your son when he can’t communicate to you that he needs to go to the bathroom.

So Hollie and I wanted to find the right type of doctor who could not only diagnose what was wrong with Titus but also give him the proper treatments.  We wanted to take an alternative approach, one that involved more natural solutions to his developmental delays.  Eventually we found a doctor in Stafford who does exactly that.  She’s truly a blessing and we’re grateful to have her help.

At the last minute we were able to get an appointment with her since one of her patients cancelled.  Otherwise we would have had to wait about a month to see her.  The appointments are extremely thorough.  Ours lasted about two hours.  I was impressed with the breadth and scope of the doctor’s questions.  Once she knew his medical history (including which vaccines he had received), behavior patterns, diet, heredity, and everything else that was relevant, she was able to give a proper diagnosis and treatment.

As it turns out, Titus is in fact on the Autism spectrum.  However, he is by no means severe.  Hollie and I both suspected this might be the case.  Put another way, Titus is about 1.5 to 2 years behind where he is supposed be.  Since we’re tackling this problem early, she says there is a lot of hope.  The doctor also said that he will likely experience learning disabilities later in life.  So it was a mixture of good news and bad news, but mostly good.  No parent wants to hear that his child in some ways Autistic, but it’s better to know than not know.  It’s better to have a plan than be left with no strategy at all.

His treatment will consist of supplements (some of which we were already using) and dietary changes.  Gluten, dairy, white potatoes, white rice, peanut butter, and sugar will all be eliminated from his diet.  Basically, he will be in detox mode for about two months and then he’ll be evaluated again to check his progress.  The key thing to understand here is toxicity within the body.  This is the ultimate culprit.  I don’t want to get off on a rabbit trail, but it just amazes me how the modern Western lifestyle really takes its toll upon the human body in terms of toxins.  And apparently Titus is the physiological type that doesn’t detox well.

Praise God for bringing us to this doctor, providing us with solid answers, and giving us hope that our son will improve!  It was so refreshing and such a relief.  This is a new journey we’re starting on as a family, not just Titus.  And we’re patiently looking forward to seeing him improve.  Please keep Little Man in prayer.

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2 Responses to Update on Titus

  1. Jeff says:

    Josh, John Paul is also on the Autism spectrum. And The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and it helps you may want to look at removing dairy too. He is still very delayed in speech; however, making small card with a pic and the word on helps him say or show the word he wants to use. Our prays are with you.

    • Thanks, Jeff, I appreciate that. You might have missed it, but I did mention dairy in the post. Our doctor was very adamant about removing that from his diet. Prayers for y’all as well.

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