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Ten Questions for Advocates of “Racial Reconciliation”

Christian apologist James White is certainly no stranger to debates and he presently finds himself engaged in an ongoing debate (I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dialogue) on the extremely divisive topic of race.  I won’t rehash the story here, … Continue reading

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Georgia: Religious Liberty Bellwether

Yesterday Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced that he is going to veto the [needlessly] controversial legislation, HB757.  The bill was crafted in order to buttress constitutional protections of religious liberty for the citizens of Georgia, especially in the wake of … Continue reading

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Reformed or Confessional?

Last week I broached a question on Twitter about whether Reformed Baptists should instead be referred to as Confessional Baptists.  I’ve heard both used of late and I’m wondering if one is better than the other.  In other words, what’s … Continue reading

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Update on Titus

For about the past year, we’ve noticed that our son has had developmental delays.  Physically, Titus was growing just fine.  He’s pretty much where he’s supposed to be in terms of weight, height, and all the rest.  However, his speech … Continue reading

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Time to Reboot

I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging over the past year, partly by choice and also because of certain events outside my control.  Suffice to say, our family has had a rough couple of years.  Lots of changes have happened, both … Continue reading

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