A Prayer for the City of Paris and the French Nation

Our Father in Heaven,

Your holiness exceeds that of anything we know here on earth. Daily we are bathed in your grace, being recipients in so many ways of your goodness, kindness, and mercy. We take our next breath only because you have ordained it to be so. You are mighty in your creation and you alone are Lord over the nations of the earth. The wrath you have is a perfect wrath and you visit it upon the wicked justly.

This morning, O Lord, I lift up the people of Paris. This city was once the home of your humble servants–men like John Calvin and Nicolas Cop. Your persecuted saints, the Huguenots, suffered here for your name’s sake. In this hour of horror and strife, I pray that you would extend your mercy once again to the people of this city and to the nation of France as a whole. Raise up men in this land who will boldly preach of your Son Jesus Christ and him crucified. May the Gospel of Christ spread rapidly into every corner, brought about by pilgrims in the land who fear you and are not ashamed of the message they bear.

May your Holy Spirit bring comfort and peace to the hearts of those who have survived these evil attacks upon the city. Holy Spirit, be with the families of the victims. Stir their hearts to love rather than to hate. Change them, I pray, to be your servants. May the remnant of your people in Paris be there in this great time of need to assist them in every way. Raise up what’s left of the church in France to be salt and light, bringing both aid as well as the Gospel to these broken people. May this witness be seen also by those there who seek to do evil–those who still lurk in the dark and are preparing even now to do further damage. Change the hearts of these people, especially the terrorists who are trapped in a demonic cult.

Humble the people of France, Holy Spirit. As they are in this low place, help them to think upon things eternal. May they consider where they will spend eternity. Draw them to the Lord Jesus Christ that they may see that there is forgiveness of sins in no other. Let the death-cults of Secularism and Islam decrease and your holy church increase. Raise up missionaries and ministers to be sent into this land to proclaim the Gospel, disciple these flocks, and be set apart for your purposes. I humbly pray for genuine reformation and revival in this land. My heart yearns to see that happen.

By your grace and mercy, stop any further evil from happening within France. Stop the hands of the wicked from carrying out any further attacks. I pray, Lord, that you would be with the President of France, Francois Hollande. Give him wisdom from on high. Likewise with his fellow ministers of state. Bless them with discernment and wisdom. Give them a sense of justice and right action.

I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, ruler of the nations. In his name, I pray. Amen.

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