Hannah Elisabeth


Yesterday, we took a trip to our midwife in order to get an ultrasound done. We were originally going to get it earlier in the pregnancy, but we wanted to wait longer so that we could determine if we have a boy or a girl. Well, as you can see from the picture above, we do in fact have another girl!

We named her Hannah Elisabeth. In the original Hebrew, Hannah means “grace” or “favor” (also, see 1 Samuel 1-2 in the biblical narrative). Her middle name was given in memory of a very Godly woman who just recently went to be with the Lord, Elisabeth Elliot.

When the news was announced to family and friends yesterday, many people joked that Titus and I will be very outnumbered. That’s quite okay. I know he will be a good older brother to Hannah and will protect all of his sisters. What a blessing it is that we now have a name for our youngest daughter, that we may better pray for her.

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