Prayer Journals

After some encouragement from my wife, I finally decided to start a prayer journal. It’s nothing fancy, as you can see in the picture above. I have a small, almost pocket-sized journal which works for me.

Scripture does not give us an explicit command to record our prayers on paper, but it’s a good practice nonetheless. I’m grateful that many of the Puritans chose to do so, leaving us with various invaluable examples. Anyone who has read The Valley of Vision knows what I’m talking about.

Keeping a prayer journal helps in any number of ways. In the first place, it serves to keep the believer accountable in maintaining a vibrant prayer life. Second, it helps us to better remember the our own concerns as well as those of others. Third, it provides a valuable record for us to look back upon at a later time. Seeing how God has answered our prayers in the past gives us cause to praise Him all the more and gives us encouragement for the present.

So far my prayer journal has proven to be very helpful, especially in light of recent events in the life of our family. There’s not really a specific format or anything like that. Some people just write out their prayers while others simply list their praises and supplications. However you choose to do it, I have no doubt that you’ll find it edifying.

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