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Review: Gideons Brown Leather Personal Bible (KJV)

As a member of the Gideons International, there are numerous types of Scriptures which I can order. The vast majority of these Scriptures are intended for evangelism purposes. There are a handful of Bibles, however, which are for personal use. … Continue reading

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Hannah Elisabeth

Yesterday, we took a trip to our midwife in order to get an ultrasound done. We were originally going to get it earlier in the pregnancy, but we wanted to wait longer so that we could determine if we have … Continue reading

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Is Antinomianism Good Advice?

This past week, I’ve come across various articles by Christians in response to America’s present cultural meltdown in which the authors are trying to bring some kind of balance to the discussion. Actually, many of them aren’t responding to the … Continue reading

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Prayer Journals

After some encouragement from my wife, I finally decided to start a prayer journal. It’s nothing fancy, as you can see in the picture above. I have a small, almost pocket-sized journal which works for me. Scripture does not give … Continue reading

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