This blog is moving!  My blog will be the same, but it now has a new location.  All thanks go to my dear wife who labored to make this a reality.  This might also motivate me to make use of this blog more often than I do.  I’m really excited about it and I’m especially excited about the potential for reaching a much wider audience.  It’s quite apropos that I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day because I cannot express enough my appreciation for my bride and what she’s done to encourage my writing.  By the grace of God, I will commit more of my time and efforts to honing this gift with which the Lord has blessed me.

In addition to this, I’ve created a Facebook page for this blog so that you can follow along on there.  I’m also wrestling with whether I want to have a Twitter account for this blog as well.  Yesterday it snowed like crazy here and so it provided us with additional time to brainstorm and create this updated blog.  The content of the blog will be much the same: providing commentary, analysis, and news from a biblical, Reformed perspective.  As time permits, I plan to write more book reviews and even some film reviews as well.  Important updates on Reformed Baptist activities in Virginia will also be an essential part of what I write about.

Special thanks to those of you who have prayed for and encouraged me in my writing over the years.  I have been especially humbled by where my writing has taken me–even though I have only occasionally written!  If this blossoms into something more, then I have only God to thank for any success I have.  Ultimately, my goal is to glorify God and to be a blessing to my fellow saints here in Virginia and beyond.  The pen (or in this case, the keyboard) is a powerful instrument and must be handled appropriately.  If you feel so inclined, please spread the word!  As you can see, there’s a new domain name.  Thanks again for your readership and prayers.

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2 Responses to Upgrade!

  1. Warren says:

    Great article on the Gideons/ESV issue. I am very glad I happened upon it — having just looked at the Gideon NKJV in my motel room 🙂

    However (please take this in the kind spirit I intend) — to be consistent with and honest about what you wrote and what you believe (I agree wholeheartedly on both accounts) you need to resign the Gideons.

    I say this with a truly heavy heart on many levels,

  2. Ivan says:

    There is a book by Kirby F. Fannin PhD. entitled “While Men Slept” that carefully and fully documents the issue here. I documents how and when God’s Holy Word became polluted. It can be purchased from Life’s Resources Inc., PO Box 260, Addison, MI. 49220. The International Standard Book Number is: 0-944835-02-3 and Library of Congress Control Number: 2002090975.
    Van Secord

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