It’s a Girl!

A few weeks ago, my wife Hollie went in to have an ultrasound done and we decided that we wanted to know the sex of the child. Some families want to know. Others don’t. We prefer to know simply because we want to be prepared. It turns out that we’re having a baby girl and her due date is May 17th! We’re all excited and so I wanted to share the good news on this blog. There’s already speculation in the Dermer household about what color eyes and hair she will have and what kind of personality she’ll exhibit.

We decided to name her Zoe Idelette. In Koine Greek, the word “zoe” (ζωή) means “life.” It’s the term Jesus uses in John 14:6 to describe Himself as the sole source of eternal life. As for her middle name, we named her after Idelette de Bure Calvin, the wife of the 16th century reformer John Calvin. We often get a lot of puzzled looks and head-scratching when we tell people her middle name. When I explain who this lady was and her place in church history, this usually leads to more bewilderment. Of course folks in our church know who she was and it’s not a mystery.  

These are both strong names and have lots of meaning to them.  We don’t come up with names simply because they sound good or because they happen to be popular at any given time.  There’s a lesson to be learned from the Puritans as they emphasized (in some cases, perhaps to a fault) the importance of having meaning in one’s name.  We see this throughout Scripture as well.  At any rate, there’s a mixture of joy, anxiety (the good kind), and an earnestness about getting ready for the big day.  We’re praying for her salvation even now and other brethren are rejoicing with us.  Praise God, the giver of life!

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One Response to It’s a Girl!

  1. I think she will have brown eyes and brown hair.

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