Happy New Year 2014

I wish all of my readers a happy new year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season too.  Lord willing, I’ll be devoting myself to this blog once again in 2014.  My plan is to be more consistent in writing here and possibly use this as a platform to further develop my writing abilities.  I appreciate everyone who reads this blog, especially those who post helpful and constructive comments on here.  This isn’t simply another resolution I make at the beginning of a new year.  This is meant to be a serious and life-long transformation in my writing habits.  I have to write and write consistently.

I can’t say that I have very many talents, but writing is definitely one of them if I may say so.  It has always been my desire to use this talent to the glory of God alone.  In particular, I want this blog to be primarily a benefit to fellow Christians.  I don’t want this to become yet another platform for seemingly endless debate on this or that topic.  One thing I want to do with this blog is keep tabs on Reformed Baptist activities in Virginia, particularly evangelism.  Last year proved to be a great year for our family as we grew in the area of personal evangelism, especially ministering in front of the abortion mills.

I covet your prayers.  Please pray for me as I contribute to this blog.  Pray also that God would give me wisdom and discernment as I pursue my calling.  I’m also going to pick up my studies again this year and I hope to finish my seminary degree within a reasonable amount of time.  I am convinced that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the prayers of so many people on my behalf.  Our family’s theme this year is discipline and devotion, a theme which I will incorporate here.  Again, thank you for your prayers and for keeping up with this blog.  May what we say and do in 2014 glorify God above all else.

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