2013 Keach Conference Audio

For those of you who weren’t able to make this year’s Keach Conference, the audio files are available for you to download by going to this link.  Dr. Richard Barcellos gave a wonderful presentation on the Reformed Baptist view of covenant theology.  I am impressed with his humility along with his expertise on the subject.  What’s remarkable is how Reformed Baptists are just now beginning to recover this particular doctrine which has been dormant for some time.  The event was a great time of worship, fellowship, and edification.

Pastor Ron Young, Sr.’s sermon is particularly noteworthy at this year’s Keach Conference.  You just don’t hear this kind of preaching anymore.  I was humbled to hear this man preach and I’m glad that our children were able to hear it as well.  As men like him retire and eventually go to be with the Lord, it seems this “old school” Southern preaching dies with them.  While that aspect is sad, I’m glad that we can stand on the shoulders of such giants whom God has raised up to do mighty things!

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