Lynchburg Church Plant?

As some of you may know, there have been attempts at outreach in the Lynchburg area for the purpose of planting a Reformed Baptist church there.  Being the home of Liberty University, it can be said that Lynchburg is the hub of Evangelicalism in Virginia.  There may be a Baptist church or two in the area which lean Calvinistic, but none that are distinctly and confessionally Reformed.  Many of us have hoped and prayed for a long time that God would move in Lynchburg such that a solid Reformed Baptist church could exist within the greater community.  It appears our prayers may be answered.

For the past few weeks, Pastor Jeff Riddle of Christ Reformed Baptist Church (Charlottesville) has been leading a small congregation there in Lynchburg in worship on Sunday evenings.  They’ve been meeting in a room at the local community college.  You can learn more about the details here and even subscribe to their email list.  These meetings will go on at least until the end of this month.  I’m told that their meetings usually consist of about fifteen people, some of whom are students from Liberty.  That doesn’t sound like a crowd for sure, but that’s probably the norm for church plants. 

A seed has been planted here for sure.  Please keep Pastor Riddle and this budding congregation in your prayers.  Pray especially that God will add unto their numbers and eventually provide them with a full-time pastor who can lead the flock.  Church plants such as this will become all the more important as we witness the demise of Evangelicalism in the coming years.  It’s very difficult to find a biblical church as it is right now, even in a place like Lynchburg.  If you happen to know anyone in the Lynchburg area who is looking for a new church home, then please let them know about this missional work!

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2 Responses to Lynchburg Church Plant?

  1. Sw says:

    Check out Redeeming Grace Baptist Church in Lynchburg. Pretty close and definitely reformed.

    • I’m somewhat familiar with different churches in that area. Are they confessional? To the best of my knowledge, there are no established churches in Lynchburg which adhere to the 1689 Confession.

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