2013 Keach Conference Update

The 2013 Keach Conference will be here in exactly one month!  Again, the conference will be held on Friday evening, September 27th, and then the following Saturday on the 28th.  You can register by going to this website.  The event is free. 

The speaker will be Dr. Richard Barcellos, currently the pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Palmdale, California.  Dr. Barcellos will be addressing Chapter 7 of the 1689 Confession: “Of God’s Covenant.”  He has written and taught extensively on the topic of covenant theology.  I recently discovered the “1689 Federalism” website which is extremely helpful in understanding covenant theology from a Baptistic perspective.  Looking around on that website and watching the 25-minute video will be a good introduction to what Dr. Barcellos will present at the conference.  I’m very much looking forward to it!

The event will be hosted by Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Charlottesville.  If anyone has any questions, then I’ll do my best to answer them or otherwise direct you to those who can.  It is sure to be a great time of edification and fellowship.  See you there!

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