Babies are Murdered in Falls Church

Over the past month, God has providentially placed me in a position to be of greater use to His kingdom.  Since a partial furlough went into effect at my job, I’ve had extra time on my hands.  Until the end of this week, I was subject to being furloughed one day per week.  While the loss of income stretched our budget just a bit, God has graciously provided for all of our needs.  Praise Him for that!  Yet this furlough has been a blessing in many ways.  Our family has found a new opportunity to minister to others and be a witness for the Gospel.

Our brother from church, Jamie, is a gifted evangelist who has a great deal of experience with open-air preaching, one-on-one street evangelism, and ministering in front of abortion mills.  Jamie has been used by God to spearhead efforts at an abortion mill in Falls Church, Virginia.  Just weeks before, the Lord used various means to shut down another abortion mill in Fairfax.  Praise Him for that!  I’m told that it was one of the busiest in the Commonwealth.  Jamie had ministered there for some time before its closure.  It was great to celebrate another murder facility coming to an end, but there were others still operating not far away.  And that’s what brought us to Falls Church.

This particular abortion mill has a sidewalk very close to the entrance of the building, giving us easy way to communicate with those going inside.  There are other medical offices located in the building to be sure, but Jamie taught me how to discern how to tell whether a woman might be entering for an abortion.  Even if we knew someone wasn’t going inside for an abortion, we would still preach the truth about what’s going on inside: babies are building murdered there…up on the third floor.

I went with Jamie the first several times to immerse myself in this kind of ministry.  You quickly realize that there’s a great deal of spiritual warfare taking place.  Trust me when I say that I’m not one of those people who thinks there’s a demon around every corner.  Yet I have to recognize that when there’s an unspeakable evil going on in a particular location, there is no doubt that demonic activity is present.  Before Jamie and I would hit the sidewalk, we would meditate upon Ephesians 6:10-20 and pray for spiritual protection.   Every time we walk up toward the building, there’s a “gut feeling” that something just isn’t right.

It’s a battlefield.  No question about it.  Putting on the full armor of God is a must–you’re a casualty without it.  After just one day of ministering there, we heard and saw some really awful stuff.  On our first day there, a boyfriend of one of the mothers entering the abortion mill gave us an earful of some of the most vile blasphemy we ever heard.  Apparently this is the norm.  I have never seen such a concentrated amount of hate in my whole life.  In addition to the blasphemy and obscene speech/gestures, there are also threats of physical violence.  Things got real pretty quick.  It took me awhile to recover (spiritually and mentally) after that first day.

If it’s not hate being poured out toward us, then it’s the other extreme of depraved indifference.  Your heart cannot help but sink when you try to reach out to someone going inside and there is absolutely no reaction to what you’re saying.  No emotion.  No expression.  Just a determined march into the killing center to commit infanticide.

By God’s grace, we remain undaunted in our efforts to reach out.  As far as what we’re preaching, we follow the model set forth in Scripture: preaching the Law as well as the Gospel.  Usually the first thing we say to a mother entering the mill is, “Children are a gift from the Lord!” or even “Don’t murder your baby–you don’t have to do this!”  There are other things we say too, trying to appeal to their conscience.  We have but a few seconds to plead with them before they go through that door.  Before we head out there, I always pray that God will give us the right words to say and refrain our tongues from saying anything detrimental.  A few times we’ve been blessed to engage in fruitful conversations with people.


When we aren’t reaching out to people, we are standing in front of the abortion mill with signs which read: BABIES ARE MURDERED HERE (BAMH).  The mill sits on the very busy Lee Highway (Route 29) and so a lot of people passing by get to see that message.  The expressions we get from that are a mixed bag, as you can imagine.  Let’s just say we’re grateful for the thumb’s up we sometimes get from a motorist.  We’re praying that God will open the eyes of the people there in Falls Church to the reality of what’s taking place in their own backyard.  They need to know.

This past week we did something different.  Jamie brought his wife Leah with him and I brought Hollie and the kids!  It was great to have our whole family participating in this ministry: holding signs, handing out tracts to people, and just being an uplifting reminder of why we’re out there.  Even Titus was there to help!


We have a vision.  We want to get something like 30 people lined up along that sidewalk, holding signs and ministering.  I’m told that there was an abortion mill (in New Jersey, I think) which was shut down because a few dozen people were consistently showing up in front of it, holding their BAMH signs.  Apparently that by itself drove enough business away from the mill that it had to close.  Praise God for that!  We’re hoping to do the same with this mill.  I’m also told that just a small presence will deter up to 20 percent of the mothers from even going inside the abortion mill.  God could have used us to save lives and we may not even know it!

Please keep us in prayer.  We desperately need it.  Right now we’re praying that the Holy Spirit will convict others in the church to rise up and join us out there.  I’m convinced that abortion remains a plague in America because, in part, there is so much inactivity within the church.  And I’m preaching to myself here.  For so many years I too was guilty of professing to be pro-life but never actually doing anything about it.  Voting for supposedly pro-life candidates is not enough.  Going to the March for Life in D.C. every year is not enough.  Fundamentally, this isn’t a political issue.  It’s an ethical and spiritual issue.

If you live in Virginia, then please consider supporting our efforts.  I humbly ask that you give of your time, energy, and even your resources.  We are confident that God will supply us with every need (Matt. 6:33).  If our children are able and willing to participate, then that leaves almost all of us without excuse.  Make no mistake: we will be held to account one day for what we have done–or what we have failed to do.  Wake up, church!  Babies are murdered in Falls Church, Virginia.

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