Independence Day 2013

Our Master and our King,

I praise You for Your holiness and giving us Your righteous law.  We marvel at Your creative handiwork, Your providential hand of protection over us, and the fact that You are continually gracious to a people who do not deserve it.  As we celebrate the independence of the American Republic, I give You praise for all of Your wonderful deeds throughout history.  You have done mighty things to preserve Your church and I know I can trust You will continue to do so.

Lord, we have sinned against You as a nation.  We have sinned against your holy law–times without number.  Today’s America is a land whose people shed innocent blood, both by murdering children in the womb as well as abroad in unjust wars.  The American people have immersed themselves in gross sexual sin, elevated its practice, and openly defile themselves by it without shame.  Our civil magistrates have profaned the very institution of marriage and tolerate those who tear asunder the proper order of the family.  All of our institutions–church, state, family, and commerce–are awash in greed, corruption, and selfish ambition.  The poor are thus oppressed in various ways.

America is no longer governed by the rule of law.  Your just judgment is evidenced by the fact that we are governed by wicked men and others who are not qualified.  You have given the American people over to a wicked and debased mind, that we may multiply our iniquities to the utmost.  We are a people who call good “evil” and evil “good.”  False prophets are everywhere and the visible church perishes for a lack of knowledge.  Families are without fathers and children are in rebellion against their parents.  The very concept of truth itself is denied and people seek after everything except You.

And yet, Lord, I am so thankful for what You have done in times past.  In Your common grace, You ordained the creation of our Republic and sustained it for many years.  The very acts of the individual colonies declaring independence and setting up a constitutional system of government are indicative of Your mercy upon us.  You have brought a great revival to the church in America several times.  Our prosperity over the centuries has been by Your hand.  Indeed, we became the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world precisely because You raised us up.  There was even a time when the unbelievers in our land upheld your moral law.  Let us praise You for that.

Now, Almighty God, I humbly ask that You will be merciful to us.  Give us exactly what we do not deserve.  I pray that You will reform the church in our land, purge it of all worldliness, and bring us revival.  May Your Holy Spirit work in the hearts of the people to turn them away from wickedness.  Work in their hearts even unto salvation.  I pray for those who rule over us, that You would turn their hearts toward justice, righteousness, and mercy.  Restore our families, oh Lord, and give us husbands and fathers who will be leaders.  I pray that believing parents will raise up their children in the fear and admonition of You.  Humble the American people and give us a contrite heart that we may repent.

I ask all of these things, Lord God, that You may be glorified above all else.  Restrain us from using this day to make haste to the high places within our land to burn incense to the idols of nationalism.  Make us ready to accept Your judgments and corrections.  Let Your wrath be evident to us.  Remove the scales from our eyes, that we may realize that America is temporal and passing away in this present evil age.  Remind us that Your kingdom alone stands forever.

I pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who stands above all nations.

In His name, Amen.

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