The Gideons International

Last week I got an email from the headquarters of the Gideons International informing me that my membership application was approved and that I’m now an official member!  The membership packet came in the mail today and I’m very excited about being part of this great organization.  They’ve been around for over a hundred years and have not wavered in their dedication to bringing the Word of God to people both here and to the ends of the earth.

Now I’ll be able to better assist our ministries at church.  We have a jail ministry, a gifted brother who preaches at abortion mills (soon to be joined by others, Lord willing), and other individuals who find themselves in a witness encounter.  The Gideons produce a pocket-sized version of the New Testament (plus Psalms & Proverbs) which is perfect for these evangelism efforts.  I know the jail ministry in particular is always running out of material.

Every spring and fall, the Gideons get together as a group and do what they’re known best for–placing Bibles inside hotel/motel rooms.  They also meet up in groups to hand out New Testaments on college campuses, town festivals, and other venues where people congregate in significant numbers.  I pray that the Lord will use my efforts in the Gideons to further His kingdom.  May He bless our family with enough resources to carry out these tasks.

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