Torn Asunder: 150 Years Later

What’s past is prologue. It was on this day 150 years ago that the Commonwealth of Virginia was “officially” ripped apart, dismembered, and torn asunder by an unconstitutional act of the Federal government. When it was all said and done, 50 of Virginia’s western counties were stripped from her in order to illegally create a new “state” out of thin-air. The people of this region of Virginia never wanted a new state and yet this was forced upon them.

Some have called for today to be a day of celebration, but it ought to be a day of mourning. Ultimately, this was God’s judgment upon the people of Virginia–the beginning of a “Babylonian Captivity” of sorts–in addition to the invading armies and continuing war. On this day, let us remember that God is sovereign over the affairs of men. Scripture tells us repeatedly that He builds up nations and brings them down. For Virginians, this anniversary ought to be a sober reminder to us for our need of repentance.

Most importantly, it’s yet another reminder to us that we serve the Lord whose kingdom is not of this world.  His kingdom is eternal and cannot be shaken.  Praise God for giving us this eternal refuge!  As Christians we are, simultaneously, living in the world but with a citizenship outside the world.  Perhaps one of the reasons why certain bastions of “Christendom” don’t last is because God wants to direct our focus away from the kingdoms of this world toward His own kingdom.  I hope this provides good food for thought.

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