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Which Bible Translation?

Last week Pastor Jeff Riddle of Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Charlottesville posted an excellent article regarding that question pastors often get: which translation of the Bible should I use?  His article is basically a very helpful guide in answering … Continue reading

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Is Protestantism Fragmented?

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Evangelism at the March for Life

My family and I won’t be attending today’s March for Life in D.C. for a variety of reasons, some of which I explained in a post last year.  That being said, I do sincerely pray for a successful event insofar … Continue reading

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America’s Holocaust: 40 Years Later

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in which the U.S. Supreme Court “legalized” abortion by judicial fiat.  The resulting holocaust has amounted to 55 million dead children by some estimates.  As of this writing, … Continue reading

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Lee-Jackson Day 2013

Lee-Jackson Day is an official state holiday here in Virginia, honoring two of the Commonwealth’s most famous heroes from the War Between the States.  In the Dermer household, we celebrated the achievements and testimonies of these two Christian gentlemen–Robert E. … Continue reading

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Not One Word?

This past week saw yet another public controversy erupt regarding a Christian pastor and matters pertaining to sexual ethics.  Most of you are aware of President Barack Obama’s first choice of Pastor Louie Giglio to give the benediction at the … Continue reading

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2013 Virginia General Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly convened today for its 2013 session.  Christians all across the Commonwealth must pray for them as well as the Governor.  Pray that God would turn their hearts toward righteousness and that they would govern accordingly.  Indeed, … Continue reading

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