Church Plant Update

I just wanted to pass along an update as well as a prayer request regarding one of our Reformed Baptist church plants in SW Virginia.  Recently we were told that the church plant in Dublin–Wilderness Road Baptist Assembly–is disbanding.  They’ve been around for at least several years, but for whatever the reason there wasn’t enough support in the local area down there to sustain the congregation.  This is certainly disappointing, but we must trust in God’s providence and recognize that He has a purpose in this.

Please pray for…

* Pastor Terry Walters, that God will give him wisdom and discernment as he decides where to go next

* The families who were part of this assembly, that they may find solid, like-minded churches elsewhere to attend

* For the area of SW Virginia, that God would bring reformation and revival to the churches there

Despite this news, I’m still encouraged about what is happening here in Virginia.  I don’t think God is finished with ministry efforts in the Commonwealth.  This should serve to exhort us to press on all the more.  Just as a reminder, the elders at Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Charlottesville are still pursuing outreach efforts in the Lynchburg area, trying to get a Reformed Baptist church plant established there.  Let us be strong and of good courage, trusting in God to build His kingdom in our midst.

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