Post-Election Perspectives

Since Wednesday I’ve been reading different takes from various Christians regarding the results of Tuesday’s election here in these United States.  All of these perspectives share in common the fact that the results represent an even more horrific decline of American culture than many have previously realized.  They also have different nuances in their perspectives, some of which are informed by their respective eschatological viewpoints.  Anyway, here are the ones I found worthy of linking here:

James White: Thoughts on the U.S. Election of 2012 (video)

James White: Psalm 12:8 Illustrated Yet Once Again

Doug Wilson: Seven Post Mortem Principles

Tom Chantry: How I Absorbed Three Punches and Stood Up Anyway

Todd Friel: Who is to blame for President Obama? (video)

R.C. Sproul, Jr.: Now that President Obama was re-elected, what should we do?

At some point I’m going to give my own take on the election.  I usually let the dust settle for a bit before making my comments.  I might write it tomorrow.  At any rate, please feel free to post any additional Christian perspectives (link to them in the comments section) which happen to be edifying.

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