Preaching the Five Solas

I just wanted to pass along some links to some excellent sermons/lectures by Dr. James White (elder at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church) concerning the Five Solas of the Reformation.  This past Sunday, he preached on the material principle of the Reformation (Sola Fide) as well as the formal principle (Sola Scriptura):

Sola Fide

Sola Scriptura

Then on Reformation Day at their Wednesday night service, he preached on the other three Solas:

The Other Three Solas

Good stuff.  I hope my readers find it edifying.  Our reflections upon these things should go well beyond Reformation Day celebrations.  Sadly, most so-called Protestant churches have long since neglected their theological roots.  Let us remember that we stand on the shoulders of giants whom God raised up for the benefit of His church.

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