Book Review: Royal Company

I recently had the opportunity to review the book Royal Company:A Devotional on Song of Solomon by Malcolm MacLean. The Song of Solomon is not a book I have spent a lot of time in or one I am that familiar with. I had always thought it was a book of the Bible, almost separated from the rest, for married couples only. Reading this book by Mr. MacLean truly opened my eyes to what I had been missing by neglecting careful study of this book.

Christian Focus gives this description of the book:

“Poetry is the language of love. The Songs of Solomon are no different as we read these beautiful cameos of the intimate relationship between the King and his lover. These were the song of songs which were often sung to God in temple worship with a realisation that these songs spoke of God’s love towards his chosen people. For Christians through the ages these songs point to Christ and his love towards his own ransomed and redeemed people. Indeed in New Testament Scripture the analogy is often used of Christ and His church as the bride and His bridegroom. It speaks to them of restoration and reconciliation. Through the contributions of the daughter of Jerusalem, we begin to get a sense of the joy of fellowship. In this devotional work we too will learn what it is like to have daily contact with Jesus, the lover of our souls as pictured in Songs of Solomon.”

I started out reading this book with an edge of caution. I was worried about some crazy, graphic, off-the-rails interpretation. What I found was just the opposite. This book is full of Christ and His gospel. Page after page, sentence after sentence are saturated with Christ and His love for His people. It was amazing to read. My eBook is full of highlights.

I really appreciated that the author did not just make this about Christ and the believer, but rightly so, about Christ and His bride — the Church. The daughters of Jerusalem through out the Song are thought to be the Church speaking. Many sections of this book underscore the importance of church attendance and membership When read this way the sweetness of corporate worship and fellowship is taken into view, as well as the importance for encouraging, loving and even reproving (when needed) one another.

I would certainly suggest other Christians pick up this book. It is such a refreshing look at what is often viewed as an obscure book of Scripture. Upon reading I found myself loving Christ more and worshiping Him for His unfathomable love for me and for His bride, the Church. This book makes a great devotional read because it is broken up chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The sections on each verse are short and concise but full of awesome truths that will make you love Christ all the more.

*Many thanks to Christian Focus Publications for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Royal Company:A Devotional on Song of Solomon may be purchased here.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Royal Company

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  2. Josh,

    I’m encouraged to read in your review that your time spent in Malcolm’s book was fruitful. This oft neglected and at other times misinterpreted book has much to teach us. Malcolm’s thoughts are a welcome and much needed addition to the material available on the Song of Solomon.

    Thank you for being a part of the Royal Company blog tour. I look forward to working with you on more blog tours in the future.

    Shaun Tabatt
    Cross Focused Reviews

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