Shepherd the Flock

A few weeks ago, we installed another brother as an elder at CRBC.  Our congregation now has three elders!  Our church is truly blessed and it’s very encouraging to see yet another man be set aside by God for service.  After the installation service, I told Mercury (our new elder) how great it is to have another leader in the church for whom we can pray.  Leadership is a blessing and I can think of no one better suited to join our other two elders.

Pastor Steve preached an excellent sermon on this kind of leadership within the church, using 1 Peter 5:1-4 as his main text.  If you’re considering being an elder and/or getting involved in pastoral ministry, then I encourage you to listen to that sermon.  Even if you’re not, I still exhort you to listen as a reminder of why it’s so necessary that we pray for our elders.  That’s the best way for a congregation to show their appreciation for their leaders.

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