A Question for Dispensationalists

I had a conversation with a good brother the other day in which he brought up the subject of Israel.  The advocates of dispensationalist theology argue that the modern state of Israel is a return of God’s chosen people to the Promised Land.  My friend brought up something which I had never thought about before.  He pointed out that the return of the Israelites in Scripture is vastly different than the creation of the modern Israeli state.

In Scripture, we see that God judges the Israelites and casts them out of the Promised Land as part of that judgment.  When God permits them to return, there is repentance involved.  Where did we see such repentance in 1948?  Did the founders of Israel ever turn away from Judaism, repent of their sins, and embrace Christ as Lord and Savior?  That’s what repentance would mean.  And from what I recall from studying the history of modern Israel, most of its founders were secularists/atheists who wanted to create an ethnic state for their fellow Jews.  There wasn’t even a religious motive involved.

Aside from the unbiblical nature of having two peoples of God, this is a very important question to ask dispensationalists.  If modern Jews occupying this land in the Middle East today are really the people of God, then why haven’t they repented?  Dispensationalists ought to ask themselves this question before they continue to give aid and comfort to a secular nation-state which certainly gives no aid and comfort to believers in Jesus Christ.

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