The Modern Campus: Christians Need Not Apply

When I attended Christopher Newport University, there was a big hoopla regarding the expansion of the school’s non-discrimination policy.  There was a movement to add “sexual orientation” to the list of groups protected under the non-discrimination clause.  I happened to be in the student senate at the time and, much to my own surprise, found myself as the lone vote of opposition.  In articulating my dissent, I brought up the salient issue of religious liberty.  Whenever the word “equality” is heard, the Christian ought to beware and take heed.

This issue was brought to my attention again today when I read Al Mohler’s latest commentary on the situation at Vanderbilt University.  The rigid enforcement of their school’s non-discrimination policy will mean that Christian organizations can no longer remain Christian.  In order to promote “equality,” Christian organizations must accept homosexuals, Muslims, and even atheists into leadership positions in order to receive official recognition by the university.  Organizations may no longer set their own standards as such.

Mohler is correct in pointing out that this is a deliberate attempt to purge the campus of Christians and their influence.  This is a reminder to us to pray for those involved in campus ministry.  Their task is getting increasingly difficult and the campus climate worsens year by year.  It’s noteworthy that in our church’s prayer guide this past week, I noticed for the first time the prayer request that God would preserve religious liberty.  Here in the modern West, it seems that we can no longer take that for granted.

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