Feeling the Heat Yet?

To those of you who are Christians, have you felt a little stressed out recently?  Have you felt like you’re under siege?  Just turning on the radio and listening to the news, I get that “beat up” feeling from the world.  Over the past several months, it seems as though the larger culture around us has been fervently beating the drums of their pagan/secular worldview.  I’ve noticed on media, especially Facebook, that there has been a surge in anti-Christian rhetoric. Hence, I easily identified with what James White said in the video I posted earlier in the week.

But Dr. White didn’t stop there.  He followed up with a series of lectures/sermons on this very thing, especially the profaning of marriage by our governing authorities.  I’ve posted the links below and highly recommend everyone listens to them:

When What is Vile is Honored

Jesus’ View of Marriage

God’s Judgment Upon Sodom (Genesis 19)

I’m not sure whether this uptick in attacks on the church was brought on by recent political developments or just a general release of bottled-up rage by society in general.  Whatever the case, it’s clear that what we’ve seeing right now is the pouring out of God’s wrath upon Western civilization as a whole.  As Dr. White pointed out, the wrath of God exists wherever people have been given over to a depraved mind either to do these things or simply tolerate them.  What Paul says in Romans 1 sheds light on what is happening in our culture today.

The church is feeling the heat right now and I suspect that it’s only going to get worse as the year goes on, especially with the election-year politics going in full swing.  We’ve already talked about threats to our religious liberty and sacred rights of conscience.  What’s next?  I honestly don’t know, but we need to be prepared for what comes.  I agree with Dr. White that we need to focus on the things of God now more than ever, being ready to give an answer to a culture which endlessly vents their hatred of God.

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