From Generation to Generation

I just wanted to make a quick update regarding the life of the church at CRBC.  Recently we’ve seen God moving through the lives of our youth.  Last Sunday three young ladies were baptized upon their respective professions of faith.  Today they received their first communion.  While it’s often disheartening to see all of the problems manifested in the church today, it’s also good to see the sovereign grace of God ensuring that there will be a remnant from generation to generation.

We will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will move through the hearts of our youth.  Within the past few years, it’s been a joy to see this happen.  I hope this will motivate us to pursue greater outreach efforts in our surrounding community.  All of us have seen firsthand the power of the God to save, the Spirit turning hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.  Through the preaching of the Word of God, the Spirit works in this way to call His sheep unto Himself.  Let us praise Him for that.  Soli Deo Gloria!

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