R.C. Sproul on Special Revelation

Recently on the “Renewing Your Mind” broadcasts, Ligonier Ministries has been focusing on Dr. Sproul’s teachings regarding special revelation.  This has been especially providential for me since I’ve had conversations with unbelievers in the past few months regarding topics like sola Scriptura, authority, tradition, and the very canon of Scripture itself.  I just wanted to pass along these links in with the hope that my readers will find these lectures useful:

Special Revelation

Inspiration & Authority of Scripture

Infallibility & Inerrancy of Scripture


Scripture & Authority

In every age, the doctrines of Scripture come under attack.  I encourage the people of God to know their Bibles well, understand the theology within it, and be prepared to give an answer to the watching world.

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4 Responses to R.C. Sproul on Special Revelation

  1. Jeff says:

    Like what he said in Canonicity and would agree the Catholics would belevie their Church is an Infallible Church and the Protestants have a Fallible Church.

    Do you agree ?

  2. Jeff says:

    Do believe that the Church could be fallible?

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