Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 3

6. Did God create people so wicked and perverse?

No. God created them good (1) and in his own image (2), that is, in true righteousness and holiness (3), so that they might truly know God their creator (4), love him with all their heart, and live with God in eternal happiness, to praise and glorify him (5).

1 – Gen. 1:31
2 – Gen. 1:26-27
3 – Eph. 4:24
4 – Col. 3:10
5 – Ps. 8


7. Then where does this corrupt human nature come from?

The fall and disobedience of our first parents, Adam and Eve, in Paradise (1). This fall has so poisoned our nature (2) that we are all conceived and born in a sinful condition (3).

1 – Gen. 3
2 – Rom. 5:12, 18-19
3 – Ps. 51:5


8. But are we so corrupt that we are totally unable to do any good and inclined toward all evil?

Yes (1), unless we are born again by the Spirit of God (2).

1 – Gen. 6:5; 8:21; Job 14:4; Isa. 53:6
2 – John 3:3-5

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2 Responses to Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 3

  1. Daniel says:

    Interesting blog! Good work here.

    Sir, if I may pick your brain: isn’t the answer to question 8 untrue?

    What I mean to say is that by God’s grace alone, unsaved men not born again*can* do good?

    Like Gamaliel in Acts 5?

    Anyway, glad I found this blog and I’ll try to follow it.

    • The answer to question 8 is absolutely correct. In an unregenerate state, even the so-called “good works” we do are tainted with sin. Indeed, Rom. 3:10-18 makes it abundantly clear that no such good can come from unregenerate man. The example of Gamaliel in Acts 5 is an example of a man working in the spirit of pragmatism rather than godliness.

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