Reformation Day 2011

To all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I wish you all a happy Reformation Day!  This year I haven’t written anything myself, but instead I’ll be sharing links to what others have written (or will write).  Take a look:

  • R.C. Sproul’s article at Ligonier Ministries on Luther which includes a free audio download (expires today).
  • Next is the introduction to a new series on Women of the Reformation which will feature biographical sketches and giveaways!
  • Also from Ligonier, today’s Renewing Your Mind broadcast puts us in Luther’s shoes as he was called to recant.
  • From The Cripplegate blog, here’s a good article about three ways to make the Reformers proud.

Hope you enjoy these links.  Most importantly, don’t forget to read your Bible!  The saints who went before us sacrificed much (in many cases, their lives) so that we can have the Scriptures in our own language.  In all things, let us glorify God and praise Him for providentially gifting the church with these saints.

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One Response to Reformation Day 2011

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing this Josh! Looking forward to recognizing the contributions of the women of the Reformation! Hollie’s post will run tomorrow! 🙂

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