Kortney Blythe Gordon

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Kortney Blythe Gordon and her unborn daughter, Sophy.  They perished in a car accident last night.  Please pray for her husband Ben.  My wife and I planned to meet up with them for dinner in just a few weeks.  The whole thing is surreal.  We learned about this after we got home from church today.  Kortney was driving home from Georgia after speaking at a pro-life conference.  According to the reports I’ve heard so far, there are several others who were with her in the car who are currently in the hospital.  Please keep them in prayer as well.

I’m pleased to say that Kortney was a believer in Christ.  She attended a Presbyterian church with her husband.  Kortney was by far the most fervent worker in the pro-life movement I’ve ever seen.  To call her an activist is an understatement.  In the few times my wife and I attended the March for Life in D.C., she was always there working hard to rally the cold attendees behind the cause of saving the unborn.  Her life’s work and ministry was a witness of the Gospel lived out.  No doubt she labored tremendously on behalf of the least among us.  This is a huge loss to the pro-life cause and I pray that God will use this to raise up others in this generation who will carry on her work.

Ben and Kortney decided to name their daughter Sophy in honor of Sophie Scholl, the student activist who bravely defied the Nazi regime during World War II.  Kortney modeled her own student ministry after the work of Scholl, the young German martyr being her inspiration.  If this was her goal, then Kortney more than succeeded.  From what I’ve seen and read, Kortney was an inspiration to so many pro-life activists and changed the lives of countless others.  I’ve heard it said that this generation is more pro-life than the last.  We have Kortney to thank for that. 

Kortney’s husband Ben is one of my classmates at RTS.  They were just married back in May.  Kortney and Ben both were at our wedding just a few weeks later.  I can’t even imagine what Ben must be going through.  I pray that God brings Him peace and understanding during this time, that he would trust in God’s sovereignty.  I pray that Ben will be surrounded by fellow believers who will minister to his every need.  Likewise, I pray the same for the rest of Kortney’s family, her friends, and others in the pro-life cause.  We know that God has a purpose in all of this and we pray especially that He will use this tragic loss to spread the Gospel message all the more.

Let everyone who is affected by this horrific loss cling to Christ.  Let us all embrace His providence, revealed so often through suffering.  We don’t always know the answers to the “why” questions.  For the most part, we aren’t supposed to know.  This is a reminder to those of us who remain here on earth to live our lives in the service of Christ and His kingdom.  To live life in this manner is to do so without regrets.  As Kortney often quoted from Scripture: “To live is Christ, to die is gain.”

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  1. vitaconsecrata says:

    absolutely beautiful josh…

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