Traditional Text Bibliography

I just wanted to pass along a link to a list complied by Dr. Jeff Riddle of various resources on the subject of the Majority Text and its defense.  I already have a ton of books to read, so I probably won’t get to these immediately.  I might write reviews of these books as I finish them.  At the Keach Conference, I picked up Volume One of Robert L. Dabney’s Discussions which Dr. Riddle put on this list.  Dabney articulates a defense of Comma Johanneum within his overall argument.

Anyway, I hope you find this list helpful.  If there are any helpful resources you’ve come across which aren’t on the list, then please provide them in a comment below.  Today, Lord willing, I will purchase a copy of the Bible in the NKJV translation.  I’m really looking forward to that, especially since the only copy of the NKJV I have right now is a pocket New Testament given to me by the Gideons years ago.  In any event, I have lots of reading to do!

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