Of Earthquakes and Hurricanes

The past couple of days have been filled with talk about the earthquake from Tuesday.  We live in the next county over from where the epicenter was located.  I was at work while my wife felt it with greater force at home.  It was the first time either of us have ever been in a serious earthquake.  Virginia isn’t known for having earthquakes like this.  I was surprisingly calm, even as the building around me shook.  The whole thing was surreal.

Psalm 46 seems to capture quite well the thoughts we ought to have about this.  God is our refuge and the source of our strength.  As I’m writing this, the Governor has declared a state of emergency in the Commonwealth as a hurricane approaches.  Our man-made calamities of war and economic collapse were bad enough–now all of this.  I don’t ask the “why” questions.  All I know is that God is sovereign over all of these calamities–natural or otherwise–and that He has ordained these events to come to pass.  His purposes may not be clear to us, but there is definitely purpose in all of this.

Praise God that there was no loss of life during the earthquake.  It could have been much worse.  We deserve much worse.  What appears on the surface to be chaos is actually under the control of the sovereign hand of God.  That’s where we put our trust.  Let us remember this as we prepare for the hurricane.  I hope that y’all stay dry and safe, helping those who are not.

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