My Wife’s Baptism

Praise God.  Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  My wife Hollie publicly professed her faith in Christ and was baptized by Pastor Steve in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  She is now officially part of the church–not just Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, but the church universally.  Baptism is the outward sign and seal of the internal reality of salvation, bringing the individual into the corporate membership of the visible church.

(I managed to snap this photo of her and Pastor Steve as she was about to give her profession of faith…sorry that’s it’s blurry)

We’re reminded of what’s written in Chapter 29 of the 1689 London Baptist Confession concerning baptism:

Baptism is an ordinance of the New Testament, ordained by Jesus Christ, to be unto the party baptized, a sign of his fellowship with Him, in His death and resurrection; of his being engrafted into Him; of remission of sins; and of giving up into God, through Jesus Christ, to live and walk in newness of life.
(Romans 6:3-5; Colossians 2;12; Galatians 3:27; Mark 1:4; Acts 22:16; Romans 6:4)

I brought our girls up to the front pew so they could get a better view.  It was a glorious event indeed and afterward she received the warm love expressed to her by everyone in the congregation.  Indeed, it will be my joy to see her take her first communion.  Above all else, it was awesome to see the Gospel preached through the administration of this sacrament.  Soli Deo Gloria!

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3 Responses to My Wife’s Baptism

  1. =) definitely an awesome experience.

  2. U-Gary says:

    Praise God , it’s not just a walk, it’s a journey,injoy it.

  3. Susan Mencer says:

    I am so happy for Hollie! Praise God!

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