Too Much Internet?

I was watching this tonight and it got me thinking about this subject again.  For a long time, I’ve suspected that living in the modern age of television and the Internet has had a detriment effect upon intellectual conversations in general.  I’ve noticed this a great deal, especially on Facebook.  Obviously I don’t favor eschewing the Internet entirely as this very message is being communicated through it.  In our family we don’t own a television, but we would never dream of giving up the Internet.

At the end of the day, it’s about excess.  If we use the Internet in moderation, then we’ll be fine.  We may even foster some good intellectual discussions.  I’m able to find a lot of great lectures and sermons online.  It’s an incredible resource.  But if we become too dependent upon the Internet and give up reading books, then intellectual discussions will wither away.  The Internet is a great tool and ought to be used as such, but we should never let it become a distraction.  It will be interesting to see how far gone our overall discourse will be.

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One Response to Too Much Internet?

  1. We would never give up all our amazing books either! ❤

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