Great Quote Against Sprinkling

In the depths of my father-in-law’s garage, there are a plethora of books about various subjects.  He let my wife and I go through them and pick out which ones we wanted.  Many of these books are theological in nature and belonged to his father.  I managed to find one particular gem titled A History of Sprinkling by L.C. Wilson.  Basically it’s a book arguing in favor of baptism by immersion only.  In the preface, Wilson gives his readers a brief but profound argument:

If the meaning of the word “baptizo” is not correctly given, it is because the Greeks of all ages have been, and are, mistaken about the meaning of the word.  A more absurd idea could not be invented.  If these men are right, Jesus commanded His apostles to immerse the penitent believers.  If they are wrong, we do not know what Jesus commanded; and it would be exceeding difficult to prove that He commanded anything.

The copyright date for this book is 1895 and I suspect it went out of print a long time ago.  It’s truly a “diamond in the rough” and I look forward to reading the rest of it.  Tomorrow in our morning class at CRBC, we’ll be learning about baptism as part of our year-long systematic theology course.  Perhaps our teacher will have some book recommendations of his own.  This is definitely one subject upon which much ink has been spilled over the centuries.

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