We Have A House!

I suppose my readers may be wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t bothered to update this blog.  I assure you that there is a good reason for this.  Indeed, I’m proud to announce that we finally have a house!  Today was the closing date and earlier this evening I signed the final paperwork.  It’s a done deal.

The process of looking for a house and then moving forward to buy it is almost like having a part-time job.  By the grace of God I managed to get through it all and now I have a house for my new family.  Hollie has fallen in love with this house and I’m sure the girls are looking forward to seeing it as well.  They’ll be coming down this weekend to move the bulk of their belongings.

We are incredibly blessed beyond words.  There were a few problems with the house which needed to be fixed prior to closing.  One of the families from church–the Fletchers–were available to help us at this critical juncture.  I’ll probably write more on this later and add a few pictures as well.  But for now I will simply praise God…from whom all blessings flow.

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