Irish Articles of Religion

I recently came across one of the “lost” documents of the Reformation.  Adopted in 1615, the Irish Articles of Religion are definitely Calvinistic in nature and they represent the first major written step in the brief history of the Irish Reformation.  They were compiled by Archbishop James Ussher in order to organize Irish Protestants around a common confession of faith.  I was surprised to learn that these articles of faith later influenced the Westminster Confession (1646).  I hope you spend some time reading over them.

Over the next year, I want to devote more study to why the Reformation didn’t take root in Ireland like it did in England, Scotland, Germany, and so forth.  Protestantism did indeed gain a foothold in Ireland, but it seems it primarily came about via immigration (e.g., the Ulster Scots) and by imposition from external forces (Church of England).    Monergism sells a book which answers that question.  I hope to have read it by next St. Patrick’s Day.  Ultimately it was the Providence of God and I’ll rest in that.

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