Prayers for Japan

No doubt everyone reading this has heard about the devastation which happened in Japan–devastation which may indeed continue with aftershocks from the original earthquake.  Tsunamis and the resulting floods have killed many more.  Watching the news this morning, I was taken aback by how quickly the devastation moved throughout the affected areas.  Like a thief in the night.

My prayers go out to everyone there, including some military families I know stationed in Okinawa.  I’m also praying for all of the areas affected by the resulting tsunamis.  So far, the West Coast has been spared anything serious.  What’s especially troubling is the danger of Japan’s nuclear reactors melting down and otherwise malfunctioning.

Once again, the church is given a golden opportunity to show God’s love both in common grace (helping those with material needs) as well as His saving grace (preaching the Gospel to them).  I pray that our reactions are swift, generous, and reflective of a Christian character.  God’s decree brought this about and His precepts demand that we act.  By His grace and for His glory.

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One Response to Prayers for Japan

  1. ele2003 says:

    I am gonna pray for the people in Japan.

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